Best G-Spot Vibrators 2018-2019: First Rate Reviews

Typically located 2 – 3 inches up the front vaginal wall you can locate one of the most well known erogenous zones on the female body: the g-spot. There is a big debate going on whether it even exists. I honestly believe every woman has one, but not the same sensitivity. With that being said, I also think some women are able to achieve a G-spot orgasm, but just don’t know it.

Only about 30% of women can have internal orgasms without any type of clitoral stimulation, meaning most women need some type of external stimulation to achieve an orgasm. Please know that if you are one of those women – there is nothing wrong with you. A LOT of women cannot have orgasms through just g-spot stimulation, but that also doesn’t mean you can’t still stimulate, and play with it.

#Finding it is the best way to get started. If you take your fingers and go into the vagina about 2-3 inches up, and towards your belly button, that is where your g -spot is located. It feels almost spongy and will have a bit of a different texture than the rest of your vagina. The g-spot starts at the size of a pea, but when fully aroused grows to the size of a walnut.

Now remember, where most men can have an orgasm in the matter of only minutes, most women can take up to 20 minutes to become fully aroused. Foreplay should be a long process to really build excitement, even during masturbation. I know this may seem silly, but I promise it can really increase the power of your orgasms.

So, let’s get started – the g-spot responds more to pressure than vibration. Don’t get me wrong the vibration can definitely help, but the g-spot typically responds to the pressure pushing against it from whatever you’re inserting. Instead of just going in and out, next time try making circular motions with your vibrator while thrusting. The vibration with pressure movements will in hopes, make your orgasm that much more intense.

Top four recommendations to look for in a good g-spot vibrator:

1. Toys that have good upward curvature for the g-spot. Every woman’s body is different, so it’s important to know where your g-spot is. This will make it much easier for deciding which curve is best for you. Whether it’s something with a much tigher angle, or something with just a slight curve. Some women who have tilted uterus’ may like a much different angled toy than the woman who doesn’t.

2. Silicone Material. When you get into sex toys that are a jelly material, they are much more porous meaning: they can get little nicks and tears and harvest bacteria. Silicone will be a much nicer material very sanitary, non porous, and easier to clean.

3. Vibration Type. There are two types of vibration; deep and grumbly, or high, and zingy. If you don’t need a lot of stimulation, and you feel you get overstimulated really easily – I would suggest a lower grumbly vibration. I say this because in that situation a high zingy vibration might be more likely to tickle, rather than feel good. If you need a lot of vibration to have an orgasm and prefer something with some serious power, I would suggest looking into something with a higher zingy vibration. If you’re right in the middle, I would probably suggest sticking with a lower grumbly vibration, with multiple speeds. This will ensure it’s not too high vibration to make it uncomfortable, and you can still get those stronger vibration speeds to still get that kick from your vibe.

4. Variable Speeds. Depending on sensitivity will tell you what kind of vibration you want, and make sure it has multiple speeds. A lot of vibrators will have only 3 speeds, and they usually tend to feel too similar to each other. You want something that will have the really low speeds for when you’re just starting out to acclimate to your vibe, but also the higher speeds to kick it into gear when you’re right about to get there. Not to mention, more speeds means more options, this way you’re bound to find one that you like.

Lelo GiGi 2

The Lelo GiGi 2 is one of the most popular g-spot vibrators out on the market. The design of this toy has perfect curvature to wrap around the g-spot, but you can use the end for clitoral stimulation. The size is perfect, not to big or to small, which allows you to create those circular motions putting pressure on it.

Lelo GiGi 2

  • 8 Vibration modes with adjustable speeds
  • 3.7 inches long
  • Lower grumbly vibration. Great for women who prefer a deeper vibration, rather than high and zingy.
  • Known as a popular vibrator from the original Lelo collection. I have spoken to many women who have said this is their favorite toy.
  • The way the shaft is shaped, it wraps perfectly around the g-spot. It hits as much surface area on it as possible completely stimulating it for ultimate pleasure.
  • The end of the toy can be used for clitoral stimulation. The flat head makes it great for those who love more pressure directly on the clitoris, rather than going around it.
  • The curvature of the shaft is meant for g-spot stimulation with enough room for circular movements. Moving the toy in circular motions while inserted will put pressure on it, which is what it responds to most.
  • The material is a nice silicone that is soft to the touch, and easy to clean.
  • Fully submersible, so you can bring it in the bathtub or the shower – and you don’t have to worry about ruining it when you wash it.
  • Extremely quiet.
  • Rechargeable – you plug it into the wall for a 2-3 hours to charge, unplug it, and you have about 4 hours of charge. No more buying batteries – which is amazing because if you have a battery operated toy for even a few years think of all the money you spend on batteries.
  • 1 year warranty with a 10 year quality guarantee.
  • Beautifully made, extremely well rounded vibrator that has been known to work well for a lot of women.
  • Travel-lock.

The travel-lock function is actually very convenient. When you hold the (+) and (-) button down at the same time for about 5 seconds, the buttons will flash at you quickly, then go off signaling your GiGi 2 is on travel-lock. If you push any buttons you will find the vibrator will not turn on. If you find yourself traveling on a business trip, or just overnight to a lovers house, rest assured your toy will not go off in any inconvenient situations.

To take it off of travel-lock hold the (+) and (-) at the same time again for 5 seconds and the buttons will flash at you, signaling that your vibrator is back in action and ready to go.

Not only is it great for masturbation on your own but it is also very handy to use with a partner. It can work as an extension of the hand, so say your partner is behind you, they can reach around and give you clitoral stimulation – or you can massage the nipples. You could also run it along the shaft of the penis or lightly against the testicles. I have even heard of men using it for prostate stimulation.

When you charge your GiGi 2 for the first time, give it about a 6-7 hour charge, and take it off the charger. Every time after that, charge it for two to three hours, and take it off the charger. When it has had a full charge it stops charging on it’s own, but if you can, try to remember to take it off. It will help extend the lifespan of your toy.

If for any reason the battery dies and you need to charge it, but really wanted to use it – you can. The Gigi 2 can be used while plugged into the wall charging. It has very good reviews and is a great starter for someone experimenting with internal, but still wants the option to use it clitorally. The perfect shape and size for experimenting in multiple different ways!

The Lelo GiGi 2 is a great option for someone looking for a toy vibe that has it all. Power, vibration options, and a killer curve that your g-spot will cry happy tears over. It’s on the pricier side, but Lelo is worth every penny.


The SVAKOM Nina is a great vibrator for those of you looking for a thinner toy. Curved enough to hit the g-spot, since it is on the thinner side, it is great for making circular motions while inserted. This will apply pressure to it, along with the vibrations, which will hopefully having you going over the edge in no time. Made with super soft body-safe silicone, it has a very nice feel to it. At the head of the toy one side will be extremely smooth, while the other sides will have little bumpy textures. This makes this toy great for not only internal stimulation, but clitoral as well.

Lelo Mona Wave

  • Thinner design is great for women who don’t like a lot of girth to their toys, but still like internal stimulation on the g-spot.
  • Semi arched head has two sides – one with tiny nubs, and the other side is smooth. Great for creating pressure on the g-spot, but also great for those who love texture to their toys. The different feeling each side will create is something to look forward to.
  • Comes with 5 speeds and 5 pulsing modes. With ten different settings you are bound to find one you like, but it’s important to know this is a much more zingy vibration.
  • It’s a higher pitched vibration than Lelo. They actually have a much more lower grumbly vibration that gets much more intense than you will find on any SVAKOM toy.
  • The vibration is decent – just not the strongest, but not the weakest either. If you need a lot of strong vibration to have an orgasm, I probably wouldn’t suggest this toy.

  • Super soft, odorless, body-safe silicone material is very sanitary and easy to clean.
  • Small and discreet makes this vibrator the perfect travel companion. Not the most quiet vibe on the market, but decently quiet enough to not be able to hear in the next room.
  • USB rechargeable – you no longer have to worry about keeping batteries on hand. USB actually charges faster than most, so a 3 hour charge should give you about 3 hours of play time before it dies again.
  • Don’t keep it on the charger all the time, this will ensure your toy lasts as long as possible. With smaller brands these toys are great, but tend not to last nearly as long as Lelo would.
  • Completely waterproof! Can be taken in the shower, or even the bathtub. This also makes it a lot less stressful to clean.

The SVAKOM Nina is a great affordable option that has a lot going for it. Decent strength, with a more high zingy vibration makes this a good contender for someone looking for something with a bit of a punch. Not too loud, and a more compact design makes it easy to travel with, and great for clitoral or internal. On the thinner side, so if you like to feel more full, this is not the toy for you.

Also a great toy for women who haven’t had intercourse in a long time to help re-acclimate to the feeling of having something inside. The waterproof aspect is almost a standard now-a-days with the more well known companies, so I was excited to see this feature in a toy for under $50 bucks. Either way if you’re looking for a more zingy vibration, thinner shaft, and affordable price tag, I would say it’s a match made in heaven!

Lelo Mona Wave

The biggest difference between the Lelo GiGi 2 and the Lelo Mona Wave is that the Mona will have more girth, giving you more of a fuller feeling. This vibrator is quite a game changer in the world of toys. Not only is it one of the most powerful g-spot vibes, but it also moves up and down giving pressure on the g-spot as well as vibration, making it a whole new sensation. There are no other toys out that do this. Most toys either thrust or vibrate – this one does both!

Lelo Mona Wave

  • The Lelo Mona Wave has a more bulbous head to it, giving you a much more full feeling when inserted.
  • Great curvature to provide spot on stimulation to the g-spot with the pressure movements as well as vibration. Meaning this toy actually moves back and forth, while inside the vagina. The pressure with the vibrations is unlike any other toy around.
  • Lower grumbly vibration with a strong intensity to it as well. While it has some of the lowest modes I’ve ever seen on a vibrator, the intensity can get pretty high.
  • More pointed tip at the end of the head will make it so you can use it for clitoral stimulation to go directly on or around the clitoris.
  • 10 vibration modes and variable speeds to take your body to heights it has never felt before!
  • You can adjust the speeds throughout each and every vibration setting, making it feel like you have ten toys as your disposal, while holding just one.
  • Along with the different pulsing sensations it creates, you can also have a mode on where it will only move without the vibration, and vice versa. If you want it to only vibrate, and not move back and forth, you can make that happen as well.
  • 4.3 inches long.
  • The entire toy from top to bottom is made with body-safe, soft to the touch, silicone materials.
  • Fully submergible, meaning you can bring it in the bathtub, hot tub, shower, etc. This also makes it much easier to clean!
  • Rechargeable – plugs into the wall to charge rather than buying batteries.
  • Extremely quiet!
  • 1 year warranty with a quality 10 year guarantee. If anything happens to your toy within the first year they fully replace it for you. (As long as you’ve been using water based lube and cleaning it with cleaner, if not, it could void your warranty.) If anything happens within the next 10 years – they give you half off anything on their website up to that price.

Not many battery operated vibrator tends to last even a full year let alone 10. Not to mention, if you have a battery operated vibrator for a few years think of the money you spend on batteries. Then if it dies even within a month you’re stuck – you don’t get it replaced and you have to buy a whole new vibrator.

Rechargeables tend to be a little more expensive – don’t get me wrong, but in the long run when you think about it: no batteries, better materials for your body, more eco friendly. We all know that when you throw batteries in the trash they go into the landfills. Which seep into the ground which goes to our water supply and so on. These toys are the next generation, the safer materials, the better shapes and sizes to help women get there a little easier, the future of orgasms for women! It is exciting and this is just the beginning.

The Wave Motion Technology is a great start to the new era in toys that we are experiencing – and with it comes realms of opportunity to release something inside your body you forgot was there.

The Lelo Mona Wave is a toy like no other. If you need more pressure on the g-spot with vibration, this toy is definitely worth a shot.

Don’t Forget the Cleaner

Since you are spending more money on a nicer toy – use toy cleaner. When you wash your vibrators with soap and water, the soap can dry out the material and can leave a residue on your toy that can mess with you PH balances. (Could lead to UTI’s or yeast infections.) It is also bad for the silicone on the Lelo GiGi 2 and can void your warranty.
Lelo Antibacterial Toy Cleaner
Lelo alcohol – free, antibacterial toy cleaner will work very well for getting all the bacteria off of your toy, and keeping it in tip top shape for a much longer lifespan.

Please, don’t give up on your G-spot. The more you work those internal muscles the more likely they are to respond more to the sensation, helping you achieve a g-spot orgasm.

Never go into it think you are not going to have an orgasm, because it’s simple, you won’t. It is as much a mental game as it is physical. So, go into it open minded and really explore yourself, you never know what you might find. Hopefully these toy suggestions make it a little bit easier for you ladies to find that special spot too! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave it in the comments! I am happy to help you in any way I can!

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