Best Kegel Balls 2018-2019: The Guide to Ben-Wa Balls and Exercises

Do you know the feeling when you really need to pee, but you have hold it for one reason or another? The muscles you’re tightening to hold your urine among other things are your pelvic floor muscles. Most women don’t know what a major roll they play in your day to day life, but they control quite a few important functions.

Kegel Exercises

When you tighten your vagina, in the way you would when holding your bladder, and then let go – that is working out your pelvic floor muscle also known as kegel exercises. There are many great benefits to working your lady muscles down there, especially as you mature in age.

Kegel Exercise Benefits

As you get older it can help you hold your bladder better. There are many women who have issues with peeing a little bit when they laugh (stress incontinence), kegel exercises can help with that.

When you have an orgasm your vaginal muscles clench down – by strengthening these muscles it can help you clench harder against things, which then can in return give you more intense orgasms. When you squeeze down on your partner during intercourse or during foreplay, they will feel it more. It also rejuvenates the vagina by making you feel tighter in the most natural way, especially after childbirth.

There are a lot of different tightening creams on the market, but a lot of them actually work in a way to inflame the internal muscles in the vagina to make you feel tighter temporarily. Exercising those muscles, especially with kegel balls, is a much more natural, and completely harmless way to achieve what you’re looking for and keep it that way!

It is very important while working on your kegel exercises you make sure to keep your abdomen, buttocks, and thighs relaxed – focusing solely on your pelvic floor muscles when you clench and release.

You can start by inserting your finger in the vagina first. Focus on squeezing the muscles inside your vagina to grip your finger, like you would if you were holding your bladder, then relax your muscles and release your finger. Those are kegel exercises, but I usually suggest using kegel balls.

IntiFit Premium Kegel Exercise Kit for Women

Kegel Balls

Kegel balls, also known as Ben-Wa balls, are small balls with weights inside – i usually suggest the ones connected to each other so it makes it easy for you to put them in as well as retrieve them. The weights inside the kegel balls move around when you do, so they are pleasurable without getting to the point where it’s distracting.

I suggest these over just trying to do your kegel exercises with nothing in because it gives you the resistance you need to build that muscle up. I like to think of it kind of like lifting weights, you can bring your arms up and down all day, but unless you’re holding weights, you have no resistance – so you aren’t building as much muscle as you easily could. The weights in the kegel balls give your pelvic floor muscles the resistance they need to help build those internal muscles.

How to Use Them

I love the convenience of kegel balls for the fact you can use them basically whenever you want. For the most part they don’t vibrate (unless you want them to), and they don’t make any noise, the weights inside them are very quiet when they move around, so you can use them whenever is most beneficial for you.

Intimate Rose Premium Kegel Exerciser Weights

All you have to do is insert the balls into your vagina, squeeze them for three seconds (like you would if you were holding your bladder), and then release for three seconds. Repeat this 15 times and then give yourself a few minutes of rest. Listen to your body, it will tell you how many repetitions to do.

If you are starting to really feel your pelvic floor muscles getting weak after at least 2-3 repetitions, feel free to go to the bathroom, remove the kegel balls, clean them, and throw in the bag they come with until next time.

How Often Do I Use Them?

Try to use them at least 4 or so times a week to see the quickest improvement. Some kegel balls will come in a set with two separate sizes – one of them will usually have only one ball on it. This is the lighter one, which means this is the one you start with.

After you feel accomplished and think the smaller one kegel ball isn’t making you work hard anymore – move to the heavier one with two kegel balls on it. This one will make you work harder since it will have increased weight, and can be a little more difficult squeezing to complete your exercises.

Go slow when you switch to the heavier ones, it’s not about rushing to get to the next size, its all about consistently using them, and working up to really help get the ultimate strength your pelvic floor muscles can handle.

Here are the best options I would highly suggest if you’re looking for kegel ball exercisers:

IntiFit Premium Kegel Exercise Kit for Women

IntiFit Premium Kegel Exercise Kit for Women

  • The Intifit Kegel Exercise Kit is made up of non-porous medical grade silicone that is very sanitary and easy to clean.
  • Comes with two sets: the smaller single kegel ball will be the one to start with for the fact it is lighter. The second set consists of the two kegel balls on one string, which will be heavier and harder to hold in.
  • Patience and consistent use of the single kegel ball should project great results in less time so you can move on to the second set quicker.
  • Seamless and simple design created with the highest of quality to make insertion and use extremely comfortable and easy.
  • Small weights are inside the balls moving around is pleasurable without being distracting so that it reminds you to continue with your kegel exercises of clenching and releasing during other activities throughout the day while wearing them.
  • String is perfect length on both sets of kegel balls to make retrieval extremely easy by just pulling them out.
  • The Intifit Premium Kegel Exervise Kit includes easy to follow six step training program for anyone beginner to advanced in kegel ball exercises. Many people have raved about seeing results in only a few weeks.

Intimate Rose Premium Kegel Exerciser Weights

Intimate Rose Premium Kegel Exerciser Weights

  • The Intimate Rose Premium Kegel Exerciser Weights are a great deal for the fact you are getting six different weights that are perfect for everyone: beginner to advanced.
  • Each weight is a good step up from the next. It doesn’t feel to easy, but you get the benefits of really taking your time to tone you pelvic floor muscles with gradual weights.
  • A great challenge for even more advanced kegel exerciser users – for the fact it is one in only a few companies that sell their heavier sized weights at 4.4oz.
  • They are made of complete body safe, soft silicone materials. The material is sturdy and much easier to clean and get all bacteria off of it.
  • Great smooth design for ultimate comfort while inserting and keeping in during the day, and completely waterproof. You can use it in the shower, or bath tub, which really gives you the freedom to use them basically anywhere you go, with the utmost convenience.
  • Doctor recommended for holding your bladder better (if you pee a little when you sneeze or cough), making you feel tighter, and making your orgasms more powerful.

LELO Luna Beads

Lelo Luna Beads

  • The Lelo Luna Beads are one of the most popular sets of kegel exercisers on the market. They come with two sets of weights – one set of pink and one set of blue – the blue are heavier.
  • They balls are made from plastic, and the string that hangs off two of the balls is made of completely silicone material. Very sanitary, and extremely easy to clean.
  • The plastic balls have little weights inside of them that will move around while you walk with them in.
  • This adds a sensuality to it if you want. You can use them to get started, and turn yourself on. Or you can use them as standard exercisers to get your weekly work-out.
  • It comes with a silicone harness that will keep the weights together. The great thing about this is that you don’t have to worry about not being able to easily retrieve them.
  • You’ll see there’s a tiny hole on outside of the silicone harness. That is where you’ll stick the ball with the little silicone string that makes them easy to retrieve.
  • When you insert them make sure to keep the string out of the vagina and it will make recapturing them afterwards a much more easier experience.
  • The pink set, which weight 28g, is what you will start with first. They are lighter, and a good introduction to getting used to carrying them around to start building up those pelvic floor muscles.
  • Eventually you will use one pink ball and one blue ball. The blue ones are heavier and adding the little extra weight might not seem like much, but your muscles will feel it.
  • When you feel like you’re ready to add weight, put the blue weight on the top and the pink weight on the bottom. This way the lighter one is giving the resistance, but the heavier weight is still making those muscles work a little harder.
  • After switch and put the pink weight on top and the blue weight on the bottom, making you work a little harder with the heavier resistance on the bottom.
  • Last but not least, when you feel you’re ready for it, try both blue balls, which weigh 37g, at once. This will be the heavier set of the two and make you work the hardest.
  • They come in a mini size as well as the classic standard size, known as the Lelo Mini Luna Beads. Lelo specifically states that the standard size is for women who have given birth. The diameter for the standard is 35mm, the diameter for the mini is 29mm.
    • LELO Hula Beads

      Lelo Hula Beads

      • Lelo Hula Beads are the upscale version of kegel balls – not only designed for exercise, but with lots of pleasure in mind.
      • The only kegel exercisers that vibrate and rotate, to give your pelvic floor muscles great exercise, orgasm included.
      • The smaller top part of the Hula Beads is designed to rotate, to gives pressure against the vaginal walls, stimulating them. The g-spot responds more to pressure than vibration, so pressure is definitely welcoming.
      • The vibration keeps you clenching and releasing working out your pelvic floor muscles, as well as bringing you closer to orgasm.
      • It comes with a remote that you can use, or you don’t have to. You can just use the toy, without remote, by pressing the button on the side of the kegel ball.
      • The remote is very similar to their Lelo Ida. The reason being is that when you turn on the remote the first mode it goes to is the SenseMotion that makes it so you can feel everything happening on the toy on the remote. It also vibrates (very slightly) to show you what is happening on the toy so whoever is holding the remote knows exactly what is going on.
      • Made of medical grade silicone – body safe and non-porous.
      • Rechargeable – no batteries needed! It plugs into the wall to charge – when set on the charger for 3-4 hours, you can take it off the charger and it will last about 4 hours or so without dying.
      • 1 year warranty with a quality 10 year guarantee. If anything happens within the first year they fully replace it for you, within the next 10 years if anything happens to it that was cause by manufacturers fault receive 50% off anything on their website up to that price.

      Final Thoughts

      Make sure you don’t try to practice your kegel exercises by doing them when urinating. By trying to work on your exercises while peeing you risk the result of not completely emptying your bladder. Not completely emptying your bladder can then lead to bladder infections, or even urinary tract infections (UTI’s).

      Apart from exercise, Kegel balls can be used for many other things. If you end up purchasing kegel balls that have weights in them you can use them for pleasure. The weights in the balls move around while almost feels like vibration – it’s been said that if you focus on the movement while wearing them, they can really turn you on and get you started.

      To make them more fun you can wear them around for a tiny bit before meeting up with your partner, or wear them out to a restaurant/movie so you’re excited and ready to get to bed by the time you get home.

      Lelo Hula Beads
      You can also look into small metal kegel balls (if you read Fifty Shades of Grey they’re mentioned in the second book), but they tend to be free floating so they’re not attached to any strings. Those can be used during sex – if you put one of them up in the vagina then have intercourse it will run around the top and tickle the penis.

      The main thing to always remember is that they can’t get stuck – there is nowhere for them to go. If at any point you get a pair without a string and you can’t easily retrieve them – just squat and push like you’re pushing out a baby, they will come out!

      Use them consistently, make sure they’re made of silicone (even the string), work up to the heavier sets, listen to your body, and have fun with them! Working out your vagina shouldn’t feel like a chore – and it sure doesn’t have to be!

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