Review of the Best Nipple Clamps of 2018-2019

When you think of nipple clamps what is your first reaction? A lot of people associate them with pain, or BDSM, and without much consideration, completely outlaw them from the bedroom. Now, I completely understand if you’ve tried them, and they’re just not for you, to each their own. Just because it works for your close friends, or someone on the internet says it was terrific, it doesn’t necessarily mean it works for everyone, and it’s mindful to keep that in the back of your head when reading any review.

But, to be completely honest with you, without trying it out, you will never know how YOU feel about it, and in some ways, that’s a shame. A lot of times, the outcomes that seem to frighten you, tend to be worthwhile – or possibly in your case, even extremely pleasurable. I hope you think of nipple clamps in a way of exploration and excitement, because they play an important role in the ability to bring sensuality to a-whole-nether level.

It’s important to know going into it they will create pressure on the nipple. As you apply the clamp the pressure will bring blood to the surface making them more sensitive. Once completely applied it then traps the blood flow and keeps the nipples hard, making the slightest touch feel way more pleasurable than normal. Some women say they already have very sensitive nipples, but the clamps are a different experience. With your already heightened sensitivity, putting pressure on your nipples giving you even more pleasure, you don’t know how sensitive your nipples really are until you’ve tried these.

What You Need To Know

There are a multitude of different clamps on the market, and they can range between beginner to experienced. When just starting out it’s important to get a pair that are adjustable. This gives you full control over how much pressure is applied. They have the ability to start really light, and give a very easy pinching sensation. As you tighten them you will feel them really start to apply that pressure, and as you keep tightening, they have the ability to really pack quite the punch.

The adjustable clamps will have either a little screw that you will turn to tighten them, others will have a little bar that you can slide up to tighten, or down to lessen the grip on your nipples. If you tend to be a little more experienced, then you also have the option of the non-adjustable.

Not only is it important to know whether they’re adjustable or not, its also important to know how big the tip is when it comes to the clamp. If you have a wider tip it will be less likely to give that direct pressure, creating a less intense experience.

If you are new, or not as experienced with clamps, wider tips tend to be your friend. This will give you an idea of how the work, how to apply them, and are still adjustable – they just won’t put as much direct pressure on the nipple. This is compared to nipple clamps that tend to have a very narrow tip where you apply them to the nipples. They tend to be much more direct on the nipples when applied, even when they’re adjustable, kind of like tweezers.

I would suggest trying more broad headed clamps for beginners, but if you’ve tried them before, and want something with a little more oomph, than look into the thinner, more narrow headed clamps.

Design & Function

You will find during your search that there are a lot with different beadwork, and others will have chains hanging between the two. While both tend to be for looks, the chains have a couple of slightly different uses, where as the beadwork, is purely for the aesthetic side of things. Chains bring a little more excitement to the bedroom, for the fact it gives your partner the chance to have a little power over you.

Some people prefer to pair a collar with their chain linked nipple clamps. This gives them the ability to link the chain through the collar, and then put a leash connected to pull you around by your nipple clamps for some serious power exchange. It creates a bit of excitement with every tug that will push you a little closer to the edge, and see how much they can push you. Others will lose the leash and collar and tug to create a little bit of pain while creating pleasure elsewhere. Whether it be during sex, or just to control the breasts during foreplay.

If you’re in more of a sexy mood, and want to add a little something to your outfit – nipple clamps with beadwork tend to add a little excitement. Especially if your partner didn’t know you had them and you come walking out with them on. There are a lot of different ways to incorporate nipple clamps in the bedroom to create a different atmosphere than you have before to freshen things up, or just because you want to try something new. They even have the jewelry to make it look like you have your nipple pierced, without the pain of actually getting them done.

Do’s & Don’ts

It’s important to keep a few key things in mind when searching for the right pair of nipple clamps for you. Use them with someone you trust. Things can get out of hand, and when you’re trying new things, it can get easy to get carried away, so your communication needs to be clear. If it starts to hurt, or get too painful, you can always stop at any time. It important you and your partner have clear communication going into it. Make sure they know this is new for you, and if you want to test your limits, awesome! Totally go for it, but make sure your partner understands clearly what you want, and that you may need to option to stop if it get’s too overwhelming.

These are very similar to cock rings in the way that you won’t want to keep them on for long periods of time. While they are safe to use for short amounts of time, you don’t want to mess with long lasting affects from trying nipple clamps – so make sure to use them the right way. Don’t keep them on longer than 20 minutes or so. If they start hurting really bad, or you feel like your going numb take them off. After taking them off, take a break before putting them right back on again. I’d say at least thirty minutes or so, to get the blood circulating once again.

It’s good to try new things, and nipple clamps are a good way to branch out from the norm, especially before turning to things like whips, and floggers. This tends to bring the excitement of pain, without going over the top right away. Try it with someone you trust to take care of you, and start slow. The process is definitely something to work up to. Tease the nipples and make them erect before applying the nipple clamps. This way you have blood running to the surface to making things more enticing.

Here are a few of the best nipple clamps that I would suggest trying:

Spartacus Broad Nipple Clamps

Spartacus Broad Tip Nipple Clamps

  • If you are a beginner, the Spartacus Broad Nipple Clamps are the way to go.
  • Well known in sex shops, Spartacus tends to be the most user friendly, beginner nipple clamps for good reason.
  • They are easy to use – once taken out of the box you’ll find a chain connecting two clamps. They have a broad tip to them. This means that when they are applied, it will be less direct, making it a little more comfortable while they’re on.
  • The little screw will help you adjust the tightness, but it’s important to know that with a more well known brand like these, they have a little more kick than others might.
  • They have the ability to start off easy, with just a little pressure on the nipples when applied, but while adjusting them, know that they have the ability to get very tight.
  • Definitely a great option for beginners – advanced nipple clamp enthusiasts.

BeSTreaM Nipple Clamps

BeSTreaM Nipple Clamps

  • The BeSTreaM Nipple Clamps are very popular for beginning users. They are adjustable by moving the small bar in the middle of the clamp up and down to control the tightness.
  • Since the bar is so small, and the only way to adjust them is by moving it up and down – they don’t get overwhelmingly intense. These are great to start out with because they’re sexy and fun. They add the look, and a little bit of the pressure to the nipples to keep things exciting without going over the top.
  • They have little black latex rubber pieces on the end of each clamp – keep these on to keep them comfortable while wearing.
  • It comes with two different toys – the clamps, as well as the fake nipple piercings. The clamps will have the beadwork to them, which exudes sexiness. Since they’re a little longer, you can use them to pull on, to create a little more excitement while in use.
  • The smaller clamp can make it a little harder to mess with. They aren’t the nicest pair you can buy, but they’re fun, and flirty, and generally pretty easy to use for those beginners trying to break into the nipple clamp scene.

KenCa Nipple Clamps & Suckers

KenCa Nipple Clamps and Suckers

  • The KenCa Nipple Clamps & Suckers tend to be one of the more popular selections when looking online.
  • Two toys in one – great for women just starting out with nipple clamps. They’re lightweight, but have the more narrow tip, I would call these the next step up compared to the set above.
  • It comes with nipple suckers, which can totally be beneficial while using the clamps. You will apply them to the nipples and begin to squeeze while its pressed up against it. This will create a sucking sensation, exciting the nipple.
  • It brings all the blood to the surface, making it more sensitive. Using this before the clamps is a great way to make the nipple protrude, so you can easily apply the clamps.
  • The purple chain gives it a little extra touch to really feminize the product, but the chain can be removed with a little tinkering.
  • Suckers are made will silicone material – very sanitary, and easy to clean.
  • The little screws on the clamps are going to be how you adjust the tightness.

Butterfly Nipple Clamps

Butterfly Nipple Clamps

  • The Butterfly Nipple Clamps are more advanced, and should probably only be used by people who have tried clamps before.
  • They are not adjustable – they have one way to use them, and they are pretty intense. If you enjoy a really tight pinch on the nipples, and can handle a little more pain – definitely try these.
  • Lightweight and easy to bring with you anywhere. One thing that I love about nipple clamps are they are so easy to just throw in a bag, or in your car, and bring them with you. It gives you the ability to create a scenario no matter where you are.
  • Can be used in other places other than just the nipples – just be careful! They are no joke, and you don’t want to desensitize anything on accident – which could happen if not used properly.
  • Great for those who want to push their limits – prepare for a tear or two to slip out with how tight these can become.
  • Without the ability to adjust these, I would definitely not suggest these for first timers – advanced users only.

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