Reviews of the Best Wand Attachments for 2018-2019

The Hitachi Magic Wand has been a go-to for women who not only crave a stronger vibration in their sex toys, but want the satisfaction of intense sexual pleasure. The reason behind this is that it’s by far one of the most powerful vibrators out on the market. While most women prefer to use their wand clitorally, they have come out with new designs to attach to your Hitachi to make it more enticing when trying things like vaginal penetration, surrounding clitoral stimulation, or even as a stroker to use on a man.


I usually suggest the Wand Essentials brand. They’ve been around a very long time, and have some of the most trusted products when it comes to Hitachi add ons. Most attachments will be made with medical grade silicone, which is very sanitary and easy to clean. They are made pliable to fit intimately with the body comfortably to enhance the pleasure as much as possible.

There are a few exceptions that will be made with more of a jelly material, it just depends on the attachment and what exactly it is going to do for you. For example one of the jelly attachments is meant to tickle and tease, but also has the suction top to enhance the pleasure given. The jelly material will make it easier to contour around the body, making it more comfortable for the person using it with the suction it will create.

One thing to keep in mind when deciding on a wand attachment is how big the head of your wand is. If you have a smaller wand vibrator, most attachments might not work for you. The opening might be too large to fit the smaller head of a different wand vibrator. If you don’t want to use the Hitachi Magic Wand, but want to be able to use the attachments they provide I would suggest looking for a big wand vibrator with the same size head as the Hitachi.

Lubricants to Use

You will always want to use a water-based lubricant when using the attachments. A silicone lubricant is terrible for jelly or silicone material – just for the fact it breaks it down and makes it deteriorate in time. A water-based lubricant is what you want to use to help your toys last longer.

After some extensive research here is what I consider to be the best of the best when it comes to wand attachments:

The Flutter

The Flutter Attachment is one of their more popular choices when it comes to bringing a light to new ways to use your wand clitorally. Usually when using your wand by itself it will give you more direct stimulation on the clitoris, and with slight pressure can bring women to orgasm quite quickly.

Wand Essentials Flutter Attachment

With the flutter instead of direct pressure, this non-porous silicone attachment will give you the opportunity to use it in a lighter teasing approach. The feel of the wing that sticks out can be used by lightly flicking back and forth against the clitoris, as well as labia, which can make you more sensitive. It can feel exciting, teasing, erotic – and almost simulate oral sex.

You can still use it to apply direct stimulation to the clitoris if you lay the wing flat against the clitoris or vagina, and press your finger into it using it as a finger vibrator. The wing material is thin so you should be able to feel the vibration still transfer through while feeling exactly where you want to use it.

This also comes in a dual stimulating version called the Fluttering Kiss Dual Stimulation Silicone Wand Attachment. The internal piece will be long and thinner, which is great for women who like deep penetration, and you can still make circular motions while inserted to give the g-spot pressure with the vibration. The clitoral piece attached will be just like this attachment just much smaller and will make the same flicking, and fluttering sensation. Great for women who like less pressure and more teasing in their vibrators.

Euphoria G-spot and Clitoral Stimulation Attachment

The Euphoria G-spot and Clitoral Stimulation Attachment is a great option for women who like dual stimulating vibrators, but want something a little more discreet, or a little more powerful than the average dual vibrators. It’s made with non-porous silicone materials – it’s very sanitary, and easy to clean. The internal shaft is a little bit more curved to hit the g-spot, and thicker – giving you a more full feeling when inserted into the vagina. The clitoral piece will provide more direct stimulation to the clitoris with more pressure. As you insert the attachment into the vagina, it will apply more pressure to the clitoris.

Wand Essentials Euphoria G-spot and Clitoral Stimulating Attachment

Measurements: Internal shaft: 7 inches in total length, 5 inches insertable, 1.75 inches at widest point; Clitoral piece: 2 inches in total length. If you like your internal toys to be thicker, and a little more pressure and direct stimulation to the clitoris – this attachment is for you! If you like a little more length to your internal toys and less pressure to the clitoris, look at the Rabbit Vibrator Attachment next on the list!

Rabbit Vibrator Attachment

Rabbit vibrators are very popular so the Rabbit Vibrator Attachment was definitely one of the more sought after that they came out with. The internal shaft is a little bit longer similar to the Fluttering Kiss Dual Stimulator, but the clitoral piece is going to be the biggest distinction. This attachment and most vibrators of his nature get their names from the rabbit sitting alongside the shaft of your favorite vibe. The reason being is that instead of the direct stimulation and pressure that you get from most vibrators, these rabbit ears are usually split in half, and go side to side on the clitoris.

Women have tons of nerve endings around the clitoris, more so than on it, thus making surrounding stimulation on the clitoris that much more exciting. The rabbit ears on this attachment will tease you, leave you wanting more, than finish you off – all in the matter of 10 minutes. They are popular for a reason – they work for a lot of women.

Rabbit Vibrator Attachment

You can also use this attachment for direct stimulation as well, just move your clitoris up to the rabbits face instead of using the ears. That will give you direct stimulation you crave, pressure on the clitoris, and the ears will give you labia stimulation.The internal piece is also a little thicker which is great for women who want to feel a little more full when they have a toy fully inserted.

The Rabbit Vibrator Attachment is going to be made out of more of a jelly material, which just means be more careful with what you wash it with. Try to use alcohol free soaps so it doesn’t dry out the material. This will keep it from breaking apart faster, and can give you peace of mind when worrying about cleanliness.

Bliss Tips Wand Attachment

The Bliss Tips Wand Attachment is great for women who want the surrounding stimulation on the clitoris without the internal piece. Made of non-porous silicone material this will be an attachment that will have two ears that will transfer vibration through making it feel very powerful. Put your clitoris between the two ears and this will provide intense sensations that will have your toes curling. I would only suggest this attachment for women who like a lot of vibration around the clitoris, as well as directly on it. It gives you the option to go between the ears for surrounding stimulation, or use just one ear for direct pressure on the clitoris. Great for women who want the sensation a rabbit vibrator would create without the shaft.

Bliss Tips Wand Attachment

If you like the idea of this toy but want it in a smaller package that doesn’t have to be used with a wand check out the Jimmy Jane Form 2 – it’s very intense, and way more compact.

Lily Pod Attachment

The Lily Pod Attachment is one of the only styles by Wand Essentials that features a suction cup. The most beneficial aspect of the suction cup is that while in use it will pull all the blood to the surface of the vagina making the clitoris, as well as the labia, more sensitive. After the attachment is applied to the wand you can turn the vibrator on and you will see the little beads inside move around a little bit.

Lily Pod Wand Attachment

When placing the attachment over the clitoris and/or labia make sure it is flush against the skin around all sides – this will help create the suction and once you find it sticks start to pump it up and down for a little bit. As you do the little beads inside will tickle and tease from the vibration, and as you push up the beads will provide pressure to get you there when you’re ready. It’s important that if you’re having trouble getting the suction to stick try getting the outside rim of the toy wet before trying to suction.

It’s made from a jelly material this way it can contour to the body for the perfect suction. Similar to the Rabbit Vibrator Attachment this will also need to be washed with an antibacterial soap that doesn’t have alcohol in it. The alcohol will dry out the material and it can cause nicks and tears, and harvest bacteria. Making sure to wash it appropriately will ensure you have a long lasting toy.

Hummingbird Wand Attachment for Men

One of the first successful attachments to be put on the market for men to experience the Hitachi Magic Wand was pretty exciting, and obviously had to be put on the list. The Hummingbird Wand Attachment was made perfectly to enclose the penis in a jelly vagina-like material that will transfer the intense vibrations through the material, and still be able to masturbate by moving in and out of the attachment.

Men shouldn’t be worried about fitting inside of it – that is why you should use a good amount of water-based lubricant. It will prevent any unnecessary pulling, and provide more comfort for him while entering and leaving the toy. It’s also made out of a jelly material which makes it very stretchy. If you are definitely more than well endowed, this might fit a little too snug for you, but for the most part if fits men to a pretty reasonable size. You want it to be somewhat tight, but not to the point where you’re cutting off circulation, or it feels uncomfortable.

Hummingbird Wand Attachment

This is one of the only vibrators for men that are extremely powerful because of the wand you’re using. Make sure to start easy and go slow at first to make sure the vibrations are something that’s pleasurable to you. The inside will have two different textures inside. One will have a little wavy design, and the other side will have more of a studded texture. When you turn on your wand you will see it let loose and it is pretty impressive the movement through it just from the vibrations.

P-Spot Wand Attachment

The P-spot Wand Attachment would work great on a man for prostate stimulation, but it would also look great for a woman looking for a double penetrater. The size of it is great for those just beginning to play with prostate or those who have been doing it for a long time. It’s curved perfectly to increase the pleasure given to the prostate, and the bottom pleasure giver is to excite the perineum. Inserting the longer end into the anus will make the bottom piece sit directly where you want it. When it’s on the wand it will create a ton of vibration that will work great for stimulating the prostate and bringing him to orgasm in only a few minutes. The vibration will also help relax the muscles down there, just be sure to take your time while inserting, and to warm up properly to ensure no tearing.

P-Spot Wand Attachment

Women could also use this too for vaginal intercourse. The shaft is thinner but still curved nicely to apply pressure to the g-spot, and the smaller hook can either go in the anus or sit at the perineum. It is small so it wouldn’t be too intrusive, and would be a great way to dabble in the back door without going straight to anal intercourse. Use lots of lubricant using this toy either for women or men to ensure a pleasurable time for all.

Final Thoughts

The material of the wand attachments can be a little stickier or hard to place onto your Hitachi. Apply just a little bit of water-based lubricant to the inside of the wand attachment. This will make it much easier to apply the attachment over the head of the wand until the head is completely enclosed.

That’s it, putting them on is probably the easiest jobs of all – the hardest decision is deciding which one to try out first. The wand attachments are the perfect affordable way to spice up your Hitachi – and they say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks.

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