Fun Factory Amorino Review

The Fun Factory Amorino is the perfect vibrator for someone looking for a more compact, dual stimulating toy. The German made company is very well known for using premium medical grade silicone throughout their toys. You will find their vibes have a little more flexibility and will be a softer silicone, apart from brands like Lelo, who tend to have a harder feel to them.

Fun Factory Amorino

The Amorino is 6.8″ x 1.25″, which tends to give it more of a slender, and shorter internal shaft. The clitoral piece sits nicely at the base with a more curved arm, which will contour nicely against the clitoris, giving more vibrations directly on it.

I thoroughly believe this is a perfect toy to start out if you haven’t tried dual stimulating (internal and clitoral) toys before. It’s smaller, easier to maneuver, and less intimidating to bring into the bedroom.

Since Fun Factory’s material is a little softer, the vibrations are definitely going to be much lower, and more grumbly. If you prefer really intense vibrations, I would suggest looking into something higher pitched, Jopen and Lelo tend to be more intense.


Fun Factory only uses medical grade silicone in all of their products. In the United States of America we don’t have standards for sex toys, it is not regulated. What that means to you is that companies can use things like phthalates in your vibrators and dildos and get away with it.

Phthalates are a rubber softener, mainly used in soft jelly vibrators, and are very harmful to your body. They have done tests on rats and they came out with birth defects and abnormalities. It makes the jelly vibrators more soft and pliable, but is very bad for you. I always stress the importance of going with a silicone vibrator or dildo for the fact that is much more sanitary, and better for internal use.

The Silicone Band

The most interesting part about the Fun Factory Amorino is that it is the only vibrator that has a stimulation band. It literally looks like a rubber band, but not nearly as stretchy, and made of silicone. It wraps around both the internal and clitoral piece of the vibrator. When using it, it will provide you with not only internal and clitoral stimulation, but labia stimulation as well.

You can also twist the band in the middle and place it back onto the vibrator. (see picture below) When inserted, the twist in the band is going to push the shaft of the toy more upward to increase the pressure on the g-spot. This will in terms hope to give you much more intense orgasms, since the g-spot responds more to pressure than vibration.

Fun Factory Amorino


  • Premium medical grade silicone, completely odorless.
  • Small size – great for someone just starting out with dual stimulating toys, or someone who thinks it’s painful when going too deep.
  • 100% fully submergible. Can be used in a bathtub or shower, also much easier when cleaning your toys.
  • Can be used for vaginal or anal stimulation.
  • Six different speeds, and six pulsing sensations. Altogether you have twelve different settings to play with.
  • Easy control interface.
  • Controls can be locked. If you decide to travel with it you won’t have to worry about it vibrating in your purse or luggage.
  • Great curvature for g-spot and clitoral stimulation.
  • Stimulation band for full labia stimulation, or better g-spot stimulation.
  • You do not have to use the band if you don’t want to. It is easy to take it off and put it back on.
  • Cosmopolitan’s September 2014 issue rated the Fun Factory Amorino the best sex toy for a dual orgasm (clitoral and g-spot).
  • Rechargeable – no batteries needed. You simply use a magnetic charger that connects to the bottom of the toy, and the other end of the cord plugs in USB.
  • Compact size is great for being able to have complete control. Easy to fit between you and a parter, but also perfect for you to be able to maneuver however you’d like while masturbating.
  • Powerful motor, made very well for longevity.
  • Two year manufacturers warranty.


The controls on the Fun Factory Amorino are very simple. The “fun” button will turn your vibe on or off, just hold it down until you feel the vibration start/stop.

When you first turn it on you can press the (-) button and that will lower the vibration speed. Pressing it 3 times will make it go to the lowest speed it possibly can. From there when you press the (+) button you will go through the 6 different speeds it has, increasing as you keep pressing (+). After the highest speed it will start going through the six different pulsing sensations it has.

All rechargeable Fun Factory toys comes with a travel lock. When you hold the “fun” and the (+) button down for a few seconds the buttons should flash at you. This indicates that your vibrator is ready to go, and will turn on when you hold down the “fun” button.

When you hold the “fun” and the (-) button down for a few seconds, the buttons should flash, and then turn off. This indicates that your toy is now on travel lock, if you push any buttons, it will not turn on.


Whether you are shopping for a first time dual stimulating toy, or you are that woman that “has them all” that just wants something different, the Fun Factory Amorino is definitely worth trying. The diversity and vibration this toy provides has definitely made it a fan favorite from Fun Factory, and comes highly recommended to anyone looking for a quiet, compact, powerful vibe.

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