Fun Toys G-Jack Review

The Fun Toys G-Jack is a quality vibrator with a nice size, and a pretty good vibration. Made out of special materials called Bioskin, this vibrator is the perfect amount of realistic, without the skin tone flesh color, veins, or testicles. If you’re looking for a vibrator that is softer, and more lifelike, with a lower grumbley vibration, and a good average girth size this could be the perfect vibrator for you.

Fun Toys G-Jack

Fun Toys sent us the G-Jack complimentary for an honest review, and we are excited to enlighten you on one of the more comfortable, powerful, and affordable vibes on the market.

Bioskin Materials

The materials that Fun Toys used to create the G-Jack is revolutionary in so many ways. When creating a more realistic toy for the everyday woman, especially the ones who like them to be realistic, but not completely – they came up with the idea for Bioskin. Extremely soft to the touch, this material and shape are as close to the human body as possible, while still using body-safe materials that are very sanitary, and easy to clean.

While the whole base of the shaft is smooth, very soft, and forgiving – the head is shaped perfectly to give you that extra little texture while inserting. the vibration is deep and quite powerful, but still very silent. You never have to worry about someone else hearing it and wondering what you’re up to.

One thing to realize with the softer life-like material is that when you have a softer vibrator, one thing to understand is that the materials can lessen the intensity of the vibration, for the fact that it absorbs it a little. What this means to you is that the vibrations are powerful, but not overwhelmingly intense.

If you need a toy that can create really intense strong vibrations I would look more into our review on the Best G-Spot Vibrators. The vibes that tend to be harder are more likely the best option for you, if you need strong vibrations.

Fun Toys G-Jack

part from the realistic material, it is shaped perfectly to hit the g-spot, and girth is about average. This is great for the fact that it will still give you a fuller feeling, but at the same time it leaves room for you to make circular motions while inserted. In doing this you will put pressure on the g-spot giving you more intense orgasms.

Vibration Strength & Different Modes

Like I mentioned earlier while the vibrations on this toy are intense, don’t expect them to be completely astounding when it comes to putting out extremely strong vibration. If you don’t feel like you need that higher zingy vibration that gets very intense, this vibrator will be perfect. The strength is minimized by the materials, but usually this tends to be a good thing.

Fun Toys G-Jack

When using extremely strong toys, you are more likely to numb yourself out to where masturbation for a long time, or even intercourse might not feel as good as it could. It is important when using vibrators not to use them every single time – you don’t want to become reliant on them to achieve an orgasm.

The G-Jack is meant to give you good enough vibration strength to be pleasurable, and even get you off, while still be able to feel everything happening inside your vagina. It has 6 different vibration modes from light tremors, to a steady wave that give you tons of choices and ways to use it and make your orgasm that much more intense.

Fun Toys G-Jack


  • Bioskin Material – extremely realistic, and very soft.
  • 6 different vibration modes. From the wave, to a steady beat, 6 modes gives you more ways to use your new vibrator.
  • Completely waterproof! You can bring it in the bathtub for some relaxing alone time, or a hot tub for a steamy time with a partner.
  • Great lower grumbly vibration. Absorbs a little of the vibration because of the softer material – still very strong, just not overwhelmingly intense.
  • Easy interface that lights up at the touch of a button.
  • Body-safe materials – sanitary, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean.
  • Bioskin material tends to warm up quicker for more comfortable insertion.
  • Fairly quiet, even turned up at the highest speed.
  • 1 Year Warranty, because good quality lasts longer!
  • Completely Rechargeable. No batteries needed – charges USB. Can be connected to wall adapter so you don’t have to plug it into your computer. Can be charged in your car for emergencies.
  • Lasts up to 4 hours with one full charge.
  • Size: 22 x 3.7 cm (8.66 x 1.46 in).
  • Comes in two different colors – black or pink.
  • Extremely discreet shipping.


Fun Toys did a great job making their vibrators easy to use, and even easier to control. The interface is simple and makes it easy to turn the vibrations up or down, and to go through all of the 6 different vibration patterns it has.

Fun Toys G-Jack

When switching controls the interface buttons will light up. I find this very convenient that way no matter what time it is, even if it’s an impromptu session in the sack in the middle of the night, you are always prepared and can see everything you’re doing when it comes to going through vibration strength, as well as vibration patterns.

The buttons are easy to understand – the (+) button on the toy turns your G-Jack on and increases the vibrations. The (-) button on the very bottom turns the vibrator off and decreases the intensity. The middle button shows a squiggly line which will go through the 6 different vibration modes it has.

Fun Toys G-Jack

If you end up clicking the middle button while playing around with your toy and it accidentally changes the vibration mode you have two options. Your first option is to click that middle button about 5 more times to get back to your standard steady vibration, or you can hold the bottom (-) button down until your G-Jack turns off. Then click the (+) button the turn it back on, and it will be at the standard vibration mode.


If you have been on our site before you know how much we love rechargeable toys. TheY tend to be a little more expensive in the beginning, but for the most part they end up saving you money. A lot of times you will buy a battery operated toy, you’ll have it for 6-12 months (if it lasts that long), and then it will die, and you will have to replace it.

Fun Toys G-Jack

Now on top of that think of the amount of batteries you use, and those bad boys aren’t cheap. Keep in mind you shouldn’t use rechargeable batteries, or the really expensive ones, like Energizer or Duracell, for the fact that they are too strong for the toys, and tend to kill them faster. You want to purchase the cheaper batteries, but they just don’t last very long.

When you buy a rechargeable vibrator all you have to do is plug it in, and let it charge before using it. No more wasting money on batteries, or even worse not having them around when you’re in the mood to use your toys. The G-Jack plugs in USB. What this means to you is that you don’t have to worry about not being able to use it at any period of time.

You don’t have to plug it into your computer to charge it. A lot of places sell little nubs you plug into your outlet to use as a USB adapter, this way you don’t have to worry about where it can be charged. Most cell phones use these USB adapter nubs now, so a lot of people will have them at home already.

Fun Toys G-Jack

Rechargeable tend to be cheaper in the long run, last longer than battery operated toys, use safer materials that are better for you, and most will come with warranties.

Final Thoughts

All in all we are extremely pleased with Fun Toys G-Jack, and the vibrations it’s equipped with. For those of you looking for a vibrator with a lower grumbly vibe, with pretty good intensity settings, we would say give it a try! Even though the softer material decreases the intensity a bit, the powerful modes are still impressive. It is soft and plushy to feel, a little on the stiffer side, only for the fact that it isn’t really pliable, but warms up quicker for more comfortable insertion.

Fun Toys G-Jack

The 4 hour charge time was really exciting – not having to worry about consistently charging it was a notable feature in our opinion. The fact that it is completely waterproof gives the toy more versatility in ways that you could use it, and makes it much easier for cleaning purposes. The 1 year warranty brought the G-Jack full circle, displaying that they believe in their vibrator, and speaks for the quality and longer lasting longevity.

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