Guide to the Best Rabbit Vibrators of 2018-2019

Rabbit vibrators, also known as dual-stimulating vibrators, have really taken the toy market by storm. What used to be taboo is now on it’s way to becoming part of the norm. From TV shows like Sex in the City, to the gun safety commercial of the children fighting with their parents vibrator and dildo like light sabers, people are starting to come to terms that owning your own sexuality is not something to be afraid of.

Now, with that in mind, since rabbit vibrators are becoming more popular, the inventory has sky rocketed to an all time high. Everyone is an inventor now-a-days, but there are a lot of things to know before buying your next rabbit.

Body Safe Silcone

When looking for a new vibrator, or sex toy in general, i always suggest being very cautious of the materials. I always recommend to look for a toy that is made of silicone. A mass amount of the rabbit vibrators on the market these days tend to be made of a jelly material. Jelly vibes are not something i usually suggest inserting into your body.

Phthalates are commonly known to be used in toys made with jellies – a known rubber softener used in things like vinyl flooring, plastic clothing (raincoats), automotive plastics, etc. phthalates are awful for your body (known to cause birth defects and abnormalities during tests on rats). It makes the toys more pliable, slimy, and in most cases has a bad smell to it.

What is Best For You?

When it comes to trying out a new vibrator there are a few things I would like you to keep in mind while browsing the site. This will help you figure out what will suit you best. Do you like deep penetration? If so, looking for something with a longer shaft, with a smaller clitoral piece will benefit you. You don’t want to lose any length because of the clitoral piece being there. You can also look into something that is more pliable, so you can move the clitoral piece out of the way if you want to as well.

Best Rabbit Review 2019

If deeper penetration hurts and you think your g-spot is more sensitive closer to the opening of the vagina, I would recommend getting something shorter with an upward curve toward the end. This will best help stimulate your g-spot more directly and you don’t have to worry about it going too deep and being painful.

Do you want something with more girth or thinner? If you have a rabbit vibrator that is girthier/thicker this is going to give you a more full feeling. If you have something that is thinner it will give you the ability to make more circular motions while your rabbit is inserted and it will give you more pressure on the g-spot. That in hopes will knock you over to have very intense orgasms.

Different Clitoral Pieces

There are a few different clitoral pieces you will come across while looking at rabbit vibrators:

  1. The first is going to be the more direct one. These tend to be the solid clitoral pieces with no bunny ears, or little prongs. This one is going to give you the most direct stimulation on the clitoris. It is meant for women who like more pressure directly on the clitoris rather than around it – probably most common. Example: Lelo Ina 2; SVAKOM Barbara.
  2. The second is the bunny ears. At the end of the clitoral piece there will be two little prongs that look like bunny ears. They are soft, small (can also come longer), and pliable. They will go up and down on the sides of the clitoris. This is for someone who likes lighter touches on the sides of their clitoris, and doesn’t want something pressing directing on it – a lot of women think that can be too intense. Example: The G3 Vibrator; Vanity VR10.
  3. The third is the claw. This one tends to have three little prongs on the end of the clitoral piece, and will give full surrounding stimulation around the clitoris. The VR12 is a prefect example of this one, it can be more intense since it will be almost more like a flicking around the clitoris on all sides – very popular. Example: Vanity VR12.
  4. Last, but certainly not least, is the butterfly. The butterfly will have two little antennas like the bunny ears will have, only this will also have bigger butterfly wings that come out on the side to give labia stimulation as well as clitoral stimulation. I’ve only found these in the jelly material, so I usually don’t suggest them. Example: Pure Life Novelties Butterfly Rotating G-Spot Vibrator.

With all of this information in mind, here are the best recommended rabbit vibrators:

SVAKOM Barbara Rabbit Vibrator

SVAKOM Barbara Rabbit Vibrator

  • SVAKOM Barbara Rabbit Vibrator is more of a medium sized rabbit that is going to focus more on direct clitoral stimulation, and will be a little more in the average size range. This means it’s going to give you more room to make circular motions with the shaft inserted to give pressure to the g-spot as well as vibration.
  • This vibrator was designed and created specifically for stimulating the g-spot as well as the clitoris, in hopes for you to have the most intense orgasm possible.
  • The SVAKOM Barbara has 8 different vibration modes, one of the most popular being the “Intelligent Mode” that goes from the beginning, to the end of the eight different vibration modes to make your night one to remember.
  • Made completely with medical grade silicone, it makes this toy very sanitary and easy to clean. Apart from glass this material is the most sanitary you can obtain.

SVAKOM Barbara Rabbit Vibrator

  • Since it’s made with medical grade silicone all the way throughout, it gives the vibration a nice deeper grumbly affect. If the vibrations are too high they are more likely to tickle. Through extensive research I found more women tend to like the lower grumbly vibrations than the higher more intense vibrations.
  • If you’re looking for something really intense and powerful, this probably isn’t the vibrator for you. I would recommend looking into the VR12 or Lelo Ina 2 – both are options below.
  • Fully 100% waterproof – can be put in the bathtub, or even a swimming pool.
  • Completely rechargeable – uses a lithium ion battery for a longer lasting toy. Charge for one and a half hours, and prepare for two continuous full hours of excitement.
  • Extremely quiet!
  • There are three ribbed textures on the head of the shaft portion of the vibrator. This rigid tip will increase friction on the g-spot which will provide you with more intense sensations.
  • One year warranty with a ten year quality guarantee. If anything happens to the SVAKOM Barbara Rabbit Vibrator within the first year they fully replace it, within the next ten years they give you half off anything on their website up to that price.

Lelo Ina 2

Lelo Ina 2

  • The Lelo Ina 2 is by far one of the most popular rabbit style vibrators on the market. Known for their designs, power, and overall performance this vibrator takes the cake!
  • The way the vibrator is shaped is preferred for ultimate coverage of the erogenous zones you want every vibrator to hit down there. The way the clitoral piece contours to the body, and hugs over all the right curves on and around the clitoris.
  • The shaft of the toy is more bulbous, which is going to give you more of a full feeling. It has perfect curvature to push right against the g-spot with it’s girth.
  • It has two motors for ultimate power, one in the shaft of the vibrator, and the other is in the clitoral piece.
  • Has been rated the best at making you climax faster and more intensely.
  • The Lelo Ina 2 comes with 8 different vibration modes, with each mode having incremental speeds. Meaning whatever setting is your favorite – you can always control the speed – whether you want it really intense, or just a light buzz.

  • Two of the settings are very rare to find in vibrators that the Ina 2 carries. One of them make the internal shaft vibrate but the clitoral piece won’t. The other mode is the complete opposite and you can have the internal shaft not vibrate and have the clitoral piece on full power. Works really well for switching things up.
  • Fully submergible – can be put in a bathtub or shower. This makes it much easier for washing, and could be a game changer if you wanted to go a little crazy like on vacation in the hot tub with your new partner.
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty with a quality 10 year guarantee. This basically means if anything happens within the first year they fully replace it for you. Within the next 10 years, they give you half off anything on their website up to that price.
  • Completely Rechargeable – uses a lithium ion battery.
  • Charging instructions: When charging for the first time leave it on there for about 10 hours. This first time is going to set the life of your battery. Every time after that initial first charge, you will charge it for 2-3 hours and take it off the charger. Try not to leave it on the charger – it starts to rely on the charge and it won’t last as long off the charger.

Jopen Vanity VR12

Jopen Vanity VR12

  • The Jopen Vanity VR12 has been around for quite a while, and is in very much it’s own class of vibrators, let alone rabbits. The shape, size, and rotation that it produces sets it apart from it’s competitors.
  • The Vr12 defied all expectations when it came to the market of vibrators that “simulate rotation” without actually rotating.Vanity wanted to come out with an all around better product, and were successful when it comes to one of the only rabbit vibrators I’ve ever seen where the shaft of the vibe actually moves.
  • Two button interface. Top button controls the vibrations, clicking it once will turn it on. Hold down the top button to make the vibrations more intense. Click it once again and it will turn off.
  • Bottom button will control the speed of the rotations. Click the bottom button once and it will start to rotate, holding it down will make it rotate faster. Click it once again, and it will turn off. Pretty simple!
  • The clitoral piece has three little prongs that will give you full surrounding stimulation around the clitoris.
  • Most rabbits will have free floating beads or beads on a track inside that will turn in place, and that simulates your toy rotating. With the VR12, the entire shaft of the vibrator makes actual circular rotation movements.
  • The soft to the touch silicone material is unscented, non-porous, very sanitary, and easy to clean. Works better for women who have allergies, or are sensitive to a lot of materials.

  • 5.75” x 1.75”/14.5cm x 4.5cm (massager); 2.75” x 1.25”/7cm x 3.25cm (stimulator); 9.5” x 1.75”/24.25cm x 4.5cm (overall)
  • Very quiet!!
  • Comes with a travel lock, if you ever go anywhere hold both buttons down at the same time until the light blinks. When it does that means your vibrator is on travel lock. To take it off just repeat the same steps!
  • Satin finished, and virtually seamless.
  • A lot of rabbits on the market will have very strong clitoral pieces, but the shaft of the vibrator doesn’t vibrate. The VR12 vibrates all the way throughout the toy.
  • Completely rechargeable – using a lithium ion battery that you plug into the wall to recharge! These days can you think of anything that uses batteries anymore, other than your remote? (which will sooon be a thing of the past) The VR12 fully charges up in only 4 hours.
  • Multiple different speeds when it comes to vibrations and rotation. This toy is very powerful!!
  • One year warranty with a ten year quality guarantee. If anything happens within the first year, they fully replace it, within the next ten years, they give you half off anything on their website up to that price.
  • Also comes in a version with a more direct clitoral stimulator instead of having the three prongs. It’s called the Jopen Vanity VR11.

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