Jimmyjane Form 5 Review

In the ever changing world of sex toys, the new JimmyJane Form 5 is defying limitations with its one of a kind look and feel. In their own attempt to simulate oral they came out with a design to not only stimulate the clitoris, but the outer and inner labia as well. With the new flutter like sensation this toy makes, I believe it is definitely going to make its way into orgasm history.

Jimmyjane Form 5


  • The Jimmyjane Form 5 is made of full medical grade, platinum silicone – making it less porous and much easier to keep clean and maintain.
  • Fluttering wings give a sensual oral sensation of light licking, but the motor in the middle of the mound is perfect for direct pressure on the clitoris, giving this toy the perfect amount of full vulva stimulation.
  • Very small – hand held to make it easy to maneuver and try different ways to stimulate yourself.
  • Use on the nipples or inner thighs – any erogenous zones with the fluttering will help with getting started and making for a more sensual experience.
  • Discreet and extremely quiet – even on its highest speed it is still whisper quiet.
  • Comes equipped with a travel lock – great for taking with you anywhere you need!
  • Lithium Ion battery that is very high performance with a life that will last you more than four hours on a full charge.
  • Three year limited Manufacturer’s warranty – anything happens within three years, they fully replace it for you.

How It Works

The interface is fairly small but very easy to use. It will have three buttons: the top will be a (+) sign which will turn your toy up and on,
the (-) sign will turn your vibrator down and off, and the very bottom button (~) will go through the 4 different pulsating modes with unlimited potential.

The Jimmyjane Form 5 has 5 speeds and is more of a grumbly vibration, but has quite the kick of power. On high the intensity is very exciting but I would definitely suggest working with the lower settings first that way you get to really experience the fluttering sensations. Then can work your way up to more pressure on the clitoris with the mound on the high intensity settings.

If you hold the (+) and (~) button down at the same time it will activate the travel lock the toy comes with. To take it off that mode just hold down the (+) and (~) button to make it come alive and vibrate once again!

Jimmyjane Form 5


When charging for the first time you want to charge it for about 7 or 8 hours and then take it off of the charger. This is going to set the life of your battery. Every time after that, charge it for two or three hours, and take it off the charger. You don’t want to leave it on the charger for the fact that it will start to rely on the charge, and not last as long on. Do your best to let the charge go almost all the way down before charging again.

When the toy is charging on the small stand it should have a little light that is fully lit – if it is blinking it is not charging. The blinking that will happen when you take it off of the charging stand will actually tell you how much of a charge you have.

3 blinks is high charge, 2 blinks is medium charge, 1 blink is low charge, and 4 slow blinks means it is completely drained and has no battery life left. Lucky for you this new form charges USB which charges quicker than plugging it into the wall.


Use a toy cleaner to clean all of your toys. If you wash it with normal soap and water the alcohol in the soaps will dry out the material and will void your warranty. If you have soaps at home that are anti bacterial without any fragrances or alcohol you can try using those (organic soaps would be best but you will end up paying more for it). If you find the material is starting dry out or peal stop using it right away and buy toy cleaner. If you’re going to spend money on a nice toy take care of it and it will last you years.

Final Thoughts

Considering all of the technology they have out these days, I think the Jimmyjane Form 5 is really taking it to the next level. The powerful motor and sophisticated look and feel have really stood out from the crowd. From the pliable, spreadable wings to the powerful rumbly mound in the middle I believe this is going to be a game changer in the world of clitoral stimulation. With such high quality materials, attention to detail, and a three year warranty – I don’t know what else says they stand behind their products more than that.

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