Lelo Ora 2 Review

As if the Lelo Ora wasn’t impressive enough, they revamped their design to harbor a bigger, sturdier bead in the middle, and advanced their technology to make it more powerful. Introducing the multi award-winning, most advanced oral sex simulator on the market, the Lelo Ora 2.

With an intent on simulating oral sex, this vibrator is truly one of a kind. While the interface is on one side of the toy, on the opposite side sits a small nub which runs in circular motions that can either provide fast flicks or long swirls.

How it Works

Lelo Ora 2The Lelo Ora 2‘s award winning designed comes with a bigger nub that will give pressure on the clitoris. It will go more around than directly on it – which is good.

Women have about 8,000 nerve endings on the clitoris, and a lot of women say when you press down directly on it, it can be too intense. This toy will give pressure completely around the clitoris, or side to side – stimulating all of the nerve endings without being too much.

It has about ten different functions ranging from a steady beat to a wave-like teasing that will push you to the edge, then pull you back again. It can either vibrate if you want it to, or if you just want the pressure without vibration (sometimes vibration is too much for some women) that is an option as well.

With all Lelo products the (+) button will turn it on, and if you hold it down will also turn the vibration up to make it more intense. The (-) button will decrease the vibrations on the toy, and if held down will turn the vibrator off. The middle button will go through the ten different functions the Ora 2 provides, which include vibrating and non vibrating sensations.

SenseTouch Technology

Lelo has a few products with the SenseTouch Technology, so I was excited when I found out they were putting it in the Lelo Ora 2. When your vibrator is on all you have to do is hold down the middle button for 5 seconds (or until its flashing) and this tells you that it is now on SenseTouch. This means that when it isn’t touching anything it will stay in the lowest vibration mode. Now the vibration will get more intense with the more pressure you apply. So if you use your Ora 2 the harder you push it against the clitoris the more powerful it will be. On this mode any of the ten functions you try to use will react the same way.

Ora 2 > Ora

This has been one of the best upgrades I’ve ever seen from Lelo. The differences between the Ora and the Ora 2 are so dramatic, that you would be surprised they are still even selling the original Ora.

Ora VS Ora 2

The Ora 2 has been designed with a much bigger nub that no longer clicks when you push down hard on the clitoris. Previously, the original Ora’s nub was very small and clicked every time you pushed down on it. Now, the Ora 2 has a bigger nub (that doesn’t get in the way) and is much sturdier – even if you put a lot of pressure on the clitoris with this toy, that nub is not going to click or move out of place. It’s technology has also been advanced in power (100% more powerful) with more variable options on the stronger end, as well as receiving the SenseTouch technology.


  • Made with premium grade silicone – very sanitary and easy to clean!
  • Bigger, sturdier nub for better pressure on the clitoris.
  • Circular motions or side to side to entice all of those nerve endings.
  • It can vibrate, or it doesn’t have to.
  • Very quiet!
  • SenseTouch Technology
  • Ten unique functions, so that if you get bored, you can always switch to another one.
  • Fits perfectly in your hand for precise control over your toy.
  • Award winning design – the first sex toy to receive the prestigious Cannes Lions award ever!
  • Completely waterproof, can be put in a bathtub or shower. It also makes it easier for cleaning.
  • One year warranty, quality ten year guarantee. If anything happens in the first year they fully replace it for you, for the next ten years, they give you half off anything on their website up to that price.
  • USB Rechargeable – first charge needs to be overnight if possible. This is going to set the life of your battery. Most the time the toy comes with a slight charge – you can use it until it dies, then plug it in overnight. (Just don’t get mad at me if it dies half way through!) Every time after that charge for about 2-3 hours, and it will last up 5-6 hours on a full charge.

Don’t Forget the cleaner!

Lelo Toy Cleaner
When you use normal hand soap and water to wash your toys – the alcohol in the soaps can dry out the silicone used on the toys and can void your warranty.

The alcohol can also leave a residue on your toy, that can throw off your PH balances, and leave you with infections (UTI’s, yeast infections, etc.) which is why the doctors always say never use soap inside the vagina.

Whether you decide on a nicer toy or a starter toy, it is always important to use a toy cleaner. The Lelo Toy Cleaner is antibacterial, alcohol free, and much easier on your toys and your body.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for your first vibrator, or you own all of the vibrators – I honestly believe the Lelo Ora 2 is a great addition to your toy box. It is a different toy, with a different design that has come such a long way since they first introduced it. The power increase and flicking motions of this toy are unlike no other, and to provide an oral simulator so close to that of a tongue is impressive. Not to mention USB charging will make it so that it charges quicker, its more discreet, and easier to charge wherever so that your toy is always ready when you are.

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