Lelo Soraya Review

When looking for the ultimate rabbit vibrator, the Lelo Soraya is definitely one of the most sought after, and highly recommended rabbits on the market. The Lelo brand is very well known for the quality of their products, but I believe they put an extra something special into the Soraya.

The flawless design, perfect form, and two independent vibrating motors (one in the clitoral piece, one in the internal piece) giving double the power, really sets this one apart from others in it’s class.

Shape and Size

The shape and size of the Lelo Soraya is great for women who like a toy that gives deeper penetration, and a sturdy, but pliable clitoral piece that gives pressure directly on the clitoris. What I mean by that is the shaft of this vibrator is a little longer, so if deeper penetration tends to hurt or feel uncomfortable, it might not be the best option for you (look into either the Fun Factory Amorino or the Lelo Ina 2 ).

If you prefer deeper penetration, the internal shaft is a great girth, and curved to hit the g-spot, so this might be the perfect fit for you. The clitoral piece is sturdy when using it, and when the Soraya is inserted the clitoral piece will create pressure on the clitoris, with vibration, hoping to push you into a blended orgasm! Although sturdy, the clitoral piece is quite pliable – so if you wanted to use your vibrator just for penetration, but don’t want to feel the clitoral piece, you can easily bend it away from the body so you’re only getting the internal stimulation.

Blended Orgasm

Most women are more clitoral – only about thirty percent of women can have an internal orgasm. That aside, Eighty-two percent of women use clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm, whether they want to or need to. Most women actually need clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. Even most women I know who can have g-spot orgasms without any type of clitoral stimulation prefer clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm.

That is what a blended orgasm is – it’s an experience where you stimulate two erogenous zones on the body at the same time. For example- when women are stimulated clitorally, as well as internally, they are known to have a blended orgasm (basically – more intense orgasms). The Lelo Soraya is designed to give you the most erotic, and exciting blended orgasm around.


All of Lelo’s products tend to have more of a lower grumbly vibration to them. Lower vibration frequencies tend to be more popular with women for the fact that is it less likely to numb you out after using it for a while. Since the Soraya is part of their insignia line it is more powerful than some of the other products they have, but not enough to desensitize you.

With 8 different vibration modes to choose from there is never a dull moment. If you get bored of one mode you have 7 more to keep you occupied, and plenty of time to see which one excites you the most. A key feature about this toy is that it has a mode to make the clitoral piece vibrate and the internal piece doesn’t. It also has a mode where the do the complete opposite as well – where the internal piece will vibrate, and the clitoral piece doesn’t.

Each setting can be turned up and made more intense with the (+) button and the vibrations can be turned down and much less intense with the (-) button. Variable speeds are definitely an added bonus for the fact that you get the great lower modes when you first start to use your vibrator, but if you really need that kick, that intense vibration, to get you there – you can easily turn it all the way up to push you over the edge to achieve an orgasm.


  • One of the best rabbit vibrators on the market.
  • Two separate motors. One in the clitoral piece, and one in the internal piece – makes for a much more powerful toy.
  • Has a lower frequency vibration with multiple speeds, and eight different vibration modes.
  • Beautiful design and shaped perfectly for an amazing blended orgasm.
  • Great for someone who likes deeper penetration, and more direct stimulation on the clitoris.
  • Extremely quiet – even on the highest setting, it is unbelievably silent. Great for people with roommates, or even kids.
  • One a good full charge – the Lelo Soraya is meant to last up to 4 hours.
  • Completely waterproof – can be taken into the bathtub, shower, jacuzzi, etc.
  • Body-safe Silicone materials – very sanitary, and easy to clean.
  • One full year manufacturers warranty. If anything happens within the first year – motor stops working, doesn’t charge, etc. they fully replace it for you.
  • Rechargeable – no batteries. Instead of buying a crappy $30 vibrator and buying batteries for the next few years, save you’re money. Rechargeables plug into the wall to charge. No batteries! If your toy is dead and you want to use it that badly it will turn on and work even if it’s plugged into the wall charging.

Lelo Soraya

Lube & Cleaner

It is very important to use water-based lube, as well as a good toy cleaner. I suggest water-based lube for the fact that silicone is very bad for the toy – the silicone lubricant can eat away at the material overtime. I also suggest toy cleaner for the fact that soap and water isn’t the best for cleaning. The alcohol in the soaps can dry out the silicone on your vibrator, and in time it could start to flake and break apart.

Apart from that the alcohol can leave a residue on your toy, that when inserted, could throw off your PH balances and cause you to have UTI’s or other infections. (Basically the same reason they tell you not to wash inside your vagina with soap.) Lelo high suggests using both of these as well, for the ultimate upkeep and care of your toy – if you don’t it could void your warranty.

Some women use lubricants, some women don’t. If you have other toys at home, and know you don’t need lubricant – awesome! For those of you who don’t use toys often, haven’t used one in a while, or has never had one – definitely use lube to insert the toy. Since it’s a foreign object going into your body – (women can take up to twenty minutes to become fully aroused, and start creating their own personal lubricant) I would suggest using the small packet of lubricant you will get with your toy to use for insertion at least. It will make it more pleasurable for you right from the start.

What’s in the Box

The Lelo Soraya will come with quite a few things you will need for your toy:

  1. Lelo Soraya Vibrator
  2. A small sample packet of Lelo’s water-based lubricant.
  3. A wall charger – to charge your vibrator.
  4. Satin storage pouch for after you’ve cleaned your toy – when it’s dry, and ready to put away.
  5. Detailed Instruction Manual.
  6. Warranty card with product number on it – hold onto just in case you need it for any warranty purposes.

Lelo Soraya

You can also register your toy online with that product number by clicking here, and then clicking on the “register your lelo” link in the second sentence on the page.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for something with a good girth, but not too thick, has a lower frequency vibration, with multiple settings, low to high vibration speeds, deeper penetration, and prefer more direct stimulation on the clitoris – look no further, this toy is for you! The stylish design, and perfect shape is not only easy on the eyes – but perfect for the woman who knows what she wants in a rabbit vibrator.

Quiet, discreet, and powerful are only a few added benefits to the Lelo Soraya – and the handle makes it easy to maneuver in whatever way gets you to orgasm best. When purchasing a Lelo product you can never go wrong, with the thought put into not only the look, and quality – but the way it’s shaped, and designed to help women achieve an orgasm quicker, as well as more times. Who says you can’t have it all?

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