Reviews of the Best Male Masturbators 2018-2019

Men think about sex 34 times a day, mapped out throughout the day, that’s about twice every waking hour. Why shouldn’t they? Whether it’s sex or masturbation – the act of orgasming alone releases endorphins, much like laughing.

Endorphins are thought to be associated with controlling the body’s response to stress, among other things like determining your mood. Concluding that it can in terms make you a happier person. Male masturbation is part of a normal day for most men, whether to relieve frustration, pent up energy, to help them last longer with a partner, or just to help themselves fall asleep.

Male masturbators are a great substitution for when you’re alone, and might want to have a different feeling, a new sensation take you over the edge. They come in all sizes, and are great whether you’re going out of town for a business meeting, sitting at home with nothing to do, or if you want to spice things up in the bedroom with your partner. There are an abundance of different “strokers” out there but I did my research to present you with the best male masturbators.

Tenga Eggs

Tenga Eggs are hand sized egg shaped strokers with a small hole in one side. The hole is so that you can stick your penis in and pull the super stretch material down around it to use for masturbation. On the outside of the packaging there will be a design on the egg, some are little polka dots, others are ribbed swirls – that will be the texture on the inside of the egg. This small distinction between them will make all the difference, giving you a variety of different sensations each time you try another.

The most important thing to know about the Tenga Eggs is that they are disposable. Don’t go into buying these thinking they are going to last you hundreds of uses. Made with Thermoplastic Elastomer they are meant to be used one time, and then be thrown away.

Tenga Eggs

I’ve heard people use them a couple times, and I say more power to you. If you can get them to last do it, but you will find it will start to get little nicks and tears, and in no time it will fall apart. They are great for someone who just wants to try something different, but wants it to be small, discreet, and a more affordable option.

You can also look into their second line of eggs. They are known to last a little bit longer than the originals, but tend to be a little more of a tighter fit. It will also come with six different textures you haven’t tried before. If you find yourself enjoying the eggs, or have enjoyed them in the past, the Tenga Egg Variety 2 might be worth a try.


Shaped and designed to replicate a flashlight, Fleshlight is the #1 best selling male toy on the market, and for good reason, they’re hard to beat. Known for their distinct appearance, crazy textures, and patented materials it’s no surprise why they’re ahead of the game.

Not to mention the lifelike SuperSkin is unlike anything else I’ve seen out on the shelves, and because of the patent you won’t find another toy that feels like this. Incredibly realistic, it will have you hooked the first time you sink into one. It’s very soft, incredibly lifelike, and each design is created with a purpose in mind.

Stamina Training Unit

The Stamina Training Unit is a great example, and tends to be one of their most popular models. Meant to help men get in the habit of lasting longer, they created a texture inside the sleeve with lots of tight nubs that create a very tight suctioned feel. Since it will be tight every time you use it – similar to training at the gym to increase muscle, this will just be training for restraint, and in the end will help you learn to control your orgasm, and increase your stamina.


Although the sleeve may seem like it’s what makes the Fleshlight, it coincides with the case, working together to make this the best male toy out there. Not only does it make it easier when it comes to clean up afterwards, but it also controls the suction while your masturbating. On the opposite end of the “flashlight” there is a small cap that can be tightened or loosened – if you tighten it, it will make increase the suction for a much more intense experience. If you loosen the small cap on the bottom, it will decrease the suction if you’re not into it.

Pink Lady Destroyer

The only real complaint I have about them is that it looks nothing like a common day flashlight – they stick out like a sore thumb. This is definitely a toy to keep hidden away when company is around, for the fact that it is big, bulky, and kind of obvious it’s not a flashlight now-a-days. Then again, it’s a genius marketing plan, extremely recognizable. Apart from that, the cleaning process can be a little longer, and more tedious than others which is the only downside. Although, something I thought was awesome is that most cases will work with most sleeves too. So, you can order different sleeves for the same case as long as the length fits.

Durability & Quality

What makes them worth every penny is their durability, and high quality. Produced in the USA, they have people oversee every single product that goes out the door to ensure the highest quality possible when it gets to you. As long as you take care of it, your Fleshlight will last you years. It’s important to use a water-based lubricant when using them.

Fleshlight Alexis Texas Tornado

Silicone or oils will break apart the materials, and overtime they will tear, and become unusable. Before using it take the sleeve out of the tube and put it in warm water for a few minutes. Remove the sleeve from the water and replace it back in the tube, use a little water-based lubricant inside, and go to town. It will make your experience a little more realistic feeling, and hopefully a lot more exciting.


Make sure not to store your toy while its wet. When you’re finished you will want to take the sleeve out of the case, wash the case with soap and water, take the sleeve and turn it inside out, rinse it with warm water, and spray it with toy cleaner. Rinse it off, and let it completely dry before putting it back in the case and storing it until next time. You will find in time your Fleshlight will get sticky – you can sprinkle a little bit of cornstarch on it, and shake off any excess powder before you store it, NOT before use. This will help keep it from getting too sticky and eventually ruining.

Fleshlight Care Pack

Do not wash your toys with soap. If you do you will most likely need to buy a new one in a few months. The alcohol in the soaps tend to dry out the material, and in time make it break apart. Use a toy cleaner – its cheap and will help save the life of all of your toys. The Fleshlight Care Pack, in my opinion, is a great value and will help ensure your toys will last a very long time. It also comes with the powder to use too, which is basically corn starch.

The Pink Lady Fleshlight

Pink Lady Fleshlight

  • The Pink Lady is perfect for men who are a little more sensitive. The sleek pattern is meant to enhance pleasure with the wispy smooth insides of a woman’s vagina.
  • One of the classics, it has been around since the start of the company. Popular by demand – if you’re looking for a little less texture this is the one for you.
  • Suction can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the cap on the bottom.
  • Use a warming lubricant to spice things up a bit. Apply to the inside and as you use your toy the warming lubricant will warm with friction creating a more realistic experience.
  • Water-proof.
  • Total Length: 9.75″ Insertible Length:8.5″
  • A smoother sleeve will only help increase sensation. If you focus on what you’re doing, and exactly what you’re feeling, it will feel like a much more natural experience than with a sleeve that is extremely textured.
  • Also comes in Pink Mouth or Pink Butt.
  • Store with cap for discreet clean up.
  • If cleaned and taken care of properly, it should last you years.

The Pilot Fleshlight

Pilot Fleshlight

  • The Pilot is one of the smaller, lighter, and more compact designs that Fleshlight offers.
  • Shaped as an anus, it is known for how tight it is.
  • The inside texture of this toy is really neat for the fact it has a couple different types. Instead if being more smooth like the Pink Lady, this one has little nubs that protrude from the sides, and by the time you get to the bottom of it, its more of a ribbed texture.
  • One of the more discreet cases.
  • Perfect for travel.
  • I always say more texture is most likely going to be more pleasurable. If you are pretty sensitive, and don’t need a lot to get you there, I would suggest something more like the Pink Lady.
  • Total Length:8″ Insertable Length:6″
  • If you’re looking for something more compact, that has a lot more texture and different ribbing, and you might have a harder time getting there easily, this might be the one for you.
  • If cleaned and taken care of properly, it should last you years.

Ice Lady Fleshlight

Ice Lady Fleshlight

  • The Ice Lady is one of the only male masturbators out that you can see through. You know and can watch everything that is happening as you slowly sink in.
  • One of their chunkier cases.
  • It’s the only translucent model out of all of them.
  • Not currently compatible with the shower mount.
  • The visual aspect of this male masturbator is incredibly erotic, and this is one of the more popular Fleshlights used between couples, as well as on cam sites.
  • Total Length: 9.75″ Insertible Length: 8.5″
  • Gets a little stickier than the others after washing. Use corn starch to help with any issues you may have with it turning slightly tacky.
  • Extremely textured for ultimate heightened pleasure. Perfect for those of you who like the idea of the Pilot, but want it to be a larger case with a vagina sleeve instead of an anus.
  • More of an accordion textured sleeve with ribbing, protruding nubs, and an incredibly tight feel.
  • If cleaned and taken care of properly, it should last you years.

Jenna Haze Fleshlight

Jenna Haze Fleshlight

  • Jenna Haze has been branching out and making a name for herself since 2002 where she started working exclusively with women to make girl on girl porn.
  • In 2006 she returned to working with men where she was suppose to film an oral scene with two men, but by the end she ended up having sex with both.
  • Can be a little heavy.
  • She’s won numerous awards in the adult industry, and has made quite the name for herself, so it was no surprise she was one of the Fleshlight Girls.
  • The Jenna Haze Fleshlight is an actual mold of Jenna’s vagina with her signature on the top of the sleeve. The case it comes in is a white/goldish color.
  • The inside of the sleeve is incredibly stimulating with tons of protruding nubs.
  • They almost feel like soft bristles, that massage you as you slide inside, but fight against you on the way out giving you a deliciously tight feeling.
  • Insertible Length: 9.5
  • More stimulating than the Lotus.
  • If used and clean properly, it should last you years.

Utimi Male Masturbation Cup

The Utimi Male Masturbation Cup is one of the more affordable strokers on the market that has great reviews, is more compact than Fleshlights, but more durable than Tenga Eggs. It has the bells and whistles when it comes to looking and acting similar to a Fleshlight, it even has a fleshy touch to it, and the labias look realistic. It’s definitely smaller, lighter, and easier to use with a partner as well. The sleeve texture inside is made up of nubs spread out evenly throughout, some bigger than others, with a little bit of ribbing.

Utimi Male Maturbation Cup

This stroker sits in a case like its competitor, but this one is a little softer and more pliable. There is a switch at the bottom that switches the vent to on or off. If the vent is closed is will create an intense suction to really increase pleasure given, or you can have the vent open and it will create a less intense suction if it is already feeling tight for you.

Made with non-toxic and safe TPR – make sure to use a water-based lubricant, and be generous with it. You will also want to make sure not to wash it with normal soap. The alcohol in the soap can dry the material out and it will make it fall apart faster. Use either a toy cleaner or a non-alcoholic, anti-bacterial soap to ensure that it stays nice for as long as possible.

Utimi Male Maturbation Cup

Silicone or oils are bad for this toy, and will eat away at the material overtime. All you have to do is remove it from the case, flip it inside out, rinse it, spray it with toy cleaner or your anit-bacterial soap, rinse again, and then let it dry.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for something thats going to hold up overtime, I’d suggest looking more into Fleshlight. They are more durable and will last you much longer than the Utimi. I hate to admit it, but the saying “you get what you pay for” is so true in most cases, and this is one of them.

The Utimi and the Tenga Eggs are great affordable options that will definitely get you by for a few weeks, a couple months, or are great for someone just trying out strokers for the first time. But, if you’re looking to get years out of your toy, then you should spend the money on a Fleshlight. They’re the number 1 male selling toy in the US for a reason.

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