Reviews of the Best Vibrating Eggs 2018-2019

From our years of working in the sexual wellness industry, we know a lot of women tend to have that one favorite toy. The trusty vibrator they’ve had for years – the one that is powerful, and gets you there every time. We have found for most women that tends to be the vibrating egg.

Some like it with cords connected to the remote – while others have gotten away from the cords, and are going wireless. Mostly because the CORD is the one thing to break at the most inconvenient time, but they have come a long way in the egg world of sex toys. Here are some of the most highly recommended vibrating eggs!

Doc Johnson White Nights Pleasure Kit

Doc Johnson White Nights Pleasure Kit
We start from the beginning with the
Doc Johnson White Nights Pleasure Kit
I recommend this to anyone who is experimenting with vibrating eggs, or just vibrators in general.

What’s Included:
  1. Multi Speed Vibrating Egg
  2. 7 inch straight vibrator
  3. Pocket Rocket
  4. Vanilla Scented Massage Oil

I would recommend experimenting with all of them. They will be different textures, have a different feeling on the skin, as well as different vibrations.

One small reminder: Do not use the massage oil as a lubricant – oils are bad for women internally (in the vagina especially). They are known to throw off a woman’s PH balance, and can cause yeast infections and UTI’s if you are not careful.

Practice makes perfect and trying out different things will help you figure out what you like – and if you know exactly what you like, it will be much easier to show a partner in the future.

Focusing on the vibrating egg from the Doc Johnson White Nights Pleasure Kit – it is one of the more powerful eggs I have seen. It is made of hard plastic wrapped in silicone, so it is still much more sanitary/less porous, and easier to clean. The remote is easy to control with four different vibration speeds – starting very low, but works its way up to be quiet intense for battery operated.


  • Powerful – vibrating egg has multiple speeds.
  • Hand held bullet is petite and perfect for complete control over your egg.
  • Discreet – small and easy to store.
  • Hard plastic wrapped in silicone – gives it a nice soft touch, with a much more sanitary product.
  • Vibrating egg takes two AA batties, the pocket rocket takes one AA battery, and the 7 inch vibrator takes two AA batteries. All 5 AA batteries are included!
  • Waterproof – not fully submergible by any means. I definitely would not bring this in a shower or bathtub – but it will be ok for washing.

Sensuelle Rechargeable Wireless Remote Control Egg

The Sensuelle Rechargeable Wireless Remote Control Egg is one of the better bullets you can get at a really reasonable price. Although this egg will be a little larger in size than most, it is great for insertion or just clitoral stimulation. It is still small and easy to hold onto, but it has much more power than any battery operated egg you will find. It will also have a string so if used for internal play it is easily retrievable.

Sensuelle Rechargeable Wireless Remote Control Egg

The biggest benefactor in having an egg like this is that there is no cord. If you are one of those women who loves their egg, than you understand better than anyone the pain of having to replace it every time the cord breaks.

It’s not only inconvenient for the fact you are left eggless, but then you have to go to the store, or look online for the exact same one – but it’s never the same. In the world of ever-changing vibrators they are always different in one way or another – usually less powerful. Not to mention you end up spending a lot of money on batteries with any battery operated toy.

So instead, Sensuelle decided to make your life easier by taking out the cord and replacing it with a wireless remote. So, as long as you have the vibration set to where you want it to be you can insert the egg, and can go hands free!


  • Very high pitched zingy vibration. If you are looking for something strong – you’ve come to the right place.
  • Varied speeds, for the days you don’t want it as intense.
  • Hard plastic wrapped in silicone. Very sanitary and easy to clean.
  • Ten different vibration modes.
  • Splash proof – this vibe is not fully submergible – do not bring in a bath tub or shower. Will be fine with a little bit of water for washing.
  • Fully rechargeable – no batteries needed. Just plug into the wall or USB for an hour or two before play time, and it will last for us to two hours on high.

Sensuelle Rechargeable Wireless Remote Control Egg

Syncing the Egg & Remote

Learning to Sync the remote and the toy is very simple. There is a very small button on the egg you will click that once. Then take your remote and press the up arrow (top button) to turn the egg on and to increase the vibrations. The middle button will go through the ten different functions it has. The bottom button will turn the vibrations down and will turn the toy off – but you still must click the button on the egg to turn that off as well.

Realistically the remote can make things more exciting two ways:

  1. Sync the remote and toy, insert the egg, and give the remote to your partner. Go to a movie nobody goes to see, or better yet a crowded bar.
  2. Use the remote when you play by yourself to try different settings and speeds. The great thing about having ten different functions to a vibrator is that you can see how many of them can give you an orgasm!

When you are charing the Sensuelle Rechargeable Wireless Remote Control Egg you must match up the magnets on the bottom of the egg with the charging station. If it is not put on correctly there will be a red light and that tells you it is not charging. If it is charging correctly it will light up rainbow colors and that starts the 3 hours you should keep it on there for a full charge. That full charge will last you about 2 hours on high.

Lelo Lyla 2

We decided to save the best for last, of course! Not only is it a Lelo , which their quality is top notch and their products have won design awards, but it is in a group all on its own for vibrating eggs. Made with first-class materials and is perfectly designed to fit in the palm of your hand.

The Lelo Lyla 2 has a little bit more of a point to it, so you can go a little more around the clitoris, apart from directly on it. It is also shaped really well, so that when you turn the egg on and insert it, it will still give good g-spot stimulation.

Lelo Lyla 2

It has more of a lower grumbly vibration, but still very powerful. The Lyla 2 has variable speeds and is a little different for the fact that you can use just the egg, or you can use the egg with the remote. It gives you more options – which we can always appreciate.


  • Smooth body-safe silicone.
  • Great to use by yourself with or without the remote.
  • Egg can be used for clitoral stimulation or inserted for g-spot stimulation.
  • Extremely quiet.
  • SenseMotion Technology
  • Vibrations on egg mimic on remote, so your partner knows exactly whats happening.
  • Vibrations on remote can be turned off if you want to use it on your own, and don’t want the remote to vibrate.
  • Very powerful, especially for how small it is.
  • Can be used with remote or without remote.
  • Small and hand held easy for controlling where you want it to go.
  • Fully submergible – can be put in a bath tub or shower, also makes it much easier for cleaning.
SenseMotion Technology & Controls

Just like the Lelo Ida, the Lelo Lyla 2 also has the SenseMotion technology. What this means is that when you sync the remote and the egg together, the remote will then mimic exactly what is happening on the egg. There are two modes on the Lyla 2 with SenseMotion, but I think SenseMode one is the most popular.

The first one (SenseMode 1) is the original setting it will turn on to after syncing. When you turn the remote sideways, it will make the vibrations more intense. When you keep the remote flat, it will stay at a really low steady vibration.

If you flip your wrist up it will also create a pulsing sensation.You will not touch any buttons on this mode – it will sense the way you move the remote and create that type of vibration onto your partner egg. Press the middle button to switch to the next setting.

The second setting (SenseMode 2) is very similar, just less complicated. When you shake the remote back and forth, it makes the vibration stronger. So the faster you shake the more intense the vibration will get. When you stop shaking the remote it will go to a very low steady vibration again, just like the first setting.

Apart from those two settings this egg has six different vibration modes to play with. When you cycle through them the (+) button will always turn your toy on and increase the vibration. The (-) button will always decrease the vibration and if you keep pushing it, it will turn your vibe off. The middle button will go through the eight different vibration modes it provides.

Syncing the Remote & Egg

The syncing process on the Lelo Lyla 2 is a little more difficult, but once you’ve done it a few times, it will come easy. There is a button on the side of the egg
you will press once – that is going to turn the egg on. Now you will take the remote, click the (+) button a few times and turn the remote side to side until you feel the vibrations.

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