We Vibe 4 Plus Couples Massager Review

The We Vibe 4 Plus is one of the most well known sex toys out right now. Improving their designs and creating a better vibrator that can be used during intercourse, as well as a vibrating panty, indicates they’re trying to show how sex toys can be made of you, and your partner’s, wildest dreams.

we vibe 4 plus

With a tighter fit that helps it stay in on its own, one powerful motor on each side of the vibrator (two motors total), and the multiple remotes they threw into the mix, they really went above and beyond. The magnitude of different ways to use this toy will keep you busy for months.

Intercourse with a Partner

The We Vibe 4 Plus is most well known for the fact that you can use it during intercourse. How it works: you push the small button on the top of the vibrator once and then insert it. Now keep in mind the smaller, thinner side should go inside the vagina, and the thicker side with the button on top will sit on the clitoris. This also makes it easier to control the toy if you decide not to use the remotes.

Your partner will insert his penis under the thinner side of the We Vibe inside the vagina. When pushing in and out it will push the vibrator into her g-spot giving her pressure, with vibration from the toy. This will help with pushing her over to have more intense orgasms, since the g-spot responds more to pressure than vibration, but he feels the vibration as well.

We Vibe 4 Plus

Vibrating Panties

This is where you get to make the fantasy come true. Press the control button on top of your vibrator once when you are ready to start having fun. This is going to make it so that you can link the toy with whichever remote you choose. You have the option between using the wireless handheld remote, or you can use the we-vibe app and have the control at the tip of your fingers in a second.

The great thing is the We-Vibe 4 Plus is very quiet! This toy gives you the chance to really be adventurous – go to the movies, or our to dinner! Give your partner the remote and have some fun with it!


There are three different ways you can use either remotes:

  1. Control Button – Small discreet button located on the top of your vibrator.
  2. Wireless Remote
  3. App on Phone – Check here at the We-Vibe website to make sure your phone is compatible.

Control Button
You can control the toy with your remote or just by the control button (on top of the vibe), but know that you can not adjust the speed unless you’re using your remote or smartphone app. When using only the control button you have the options between three speeds and four different pulses. Best used during intercourse if you don’t want to deal with the remotes.

Wireless Remote
The wireless remote is fun for the fact that you can use it from a distance. You are still able to use it as a vibrating panty, as well as in the bedroom by yourself, it may make things a bit easier if you want to try different vibration patterns, as well as checking out the different strengths it offers. With the wireless remote you get four different pulses and the ten different speeds. The benefit is that you can control the strength of the pulses as well with the remote!

Vibe 4 Plus

The benefit of having the app:

  1. Both motors can be controlled separately. If you want the internal piece to be really strong, but the clitoral piece to be really weak, you can make that happen, or the other way around!
  2. 10+ modes to keep you busy trying them out to find your favorite.
  3. You can customize your own vibration, either by talking, playing a song, or whatever else you can think of! It will record and play the vibrations as if the song was playing, or your voice was talking.
  4. You can connect via bluetooth for some close up fun, or connect through wi-fi and have a little play session no matter how far apart! Perfect for couples who are long distance, or go on a lot of business trips.
  5. People are always on their cell phones, so this remote is a lot less conspicuous than the wireless remote that has to stay in a pocket the whole time.

We-Vibe 4 Plus App

Difference between We-Vibe 4 Plus and Older Models?

The older design really lacked finesse! I found that the design on the We-Vibe 2’s and 3’s fell a little flat, but quite a few people still really liked them. The older We-Vibe’s were more floppy, didn’t fit well, and fell out for most couples. What I realized is that if you are a little bit of a larger woman, and like deeper penetration, you would most likely be more comfortable with the We-Vibe 2’s and 3’s.

Smaller women, as well as women who can’t handle or don’t like deeper penetration tend to lean more towards the new We-Vibe 4 because of the tighter fit. It stays in better and the length and girth of the 4’s is definitely smaller and more compact. What I’m saying is, if you liked the WeVibe 1-3 stick with it! The design might just be a better fit for your body, after all our bodies are all shaped differently!

We-Vibe Comparison


Sliquid H2O
When using this toy with your partner it is very important to remember to use much more lubricant than normal. Even if you usually don’t use lube, it is imperative that you do.

If you don’t, when your partner inserts his penis with the toy, he will get a lot of unwanted friction which will make it an uncomfortable experience for both of you. It is also more likely to pull out your We-Vibe if you don’t use lubricant just from the friction.

Use water-based lube only, if you use silicone, or oil, it will eat away at the material and will void your one year warranty.


  • Two motors, one on each side. Making the We-Vibe 4 Plus twice as powerful.
  • Body safe materials, full 100% medical grade silicone. The most sanitary you can get apart from glass.
  • Tighter fit, more comfortable design that stays in better, and shaped perfectly for complete stimulation of not only the clitoris but g-spot.
  • Soft, silky-feel silicone, less friction, more fun.
  • 100% Waterproof! Can be completely submerged in a bathtub or shower.
  • Wireless Remote
  • Lithium Ion Battery, long lasting!
  • Discreet storage also doubles as the charging stand!
  • Connect on App and have ability to control remote from anywhere in the world
  • Customizable modes.
  • Independent motor control.
  • Rechargeable – no batteries needed. Plugs in USB, so it charges fully in only two hours!
  • One year manufactures warranty, anything happens within a year they fully replace it.


Now a days rechargeable is the way to go, can you think of many things in your house that still use batteries (apart from your remotes to the TV). Most people don’t think about it, but you’re actually saving money in the long run.

Most vibrators use about 2-4 batteries, and they die fairly quickly. If you have your battery operated vibrators for even just two years, can you imagine how much money you spend in batteries? These are a little more expensive toys, but all you have to do is plug it in USB, no batteries what-so-ever.

Not to mention, recharagebles always come with a warranty. The We-Vibe has a one year manufacturers warranty, so if anything happens within a year, they fully replace it for you. All you need is your receipt (proof of purchase) and the vibrator!


We-Vibe 4 Plus Charging
When charging your We-Vibe 4 Plus you can either charge it from your computer, or if you have the USB adapter that plugs into the wall (from an iphone or android) you can use that too. Just make sure you are inserting it onto the charging stand the correct way. If you don’t put it on the right way it will not charge.

When you charge it for the first time, you want to give it a good long charge, I’d say about 12 hours or so, then take it off the charger.

This is going to set the life of your Lithium Ion battery. Every time after that charge for about two to three hours, and take it off the charger.

If you leave it on the charger all the time it will start to rely on the charge, and it won’t last as long when you take it off. This picture on the right is a perfect example of the correct way to charge your vibrator.

Final Thoughts

The We Vibe 4 Plus is something you can use by yourself, but is one of the only vibrators (apart from the Lelo Ida) that gives you the ultimate way to incorporate your partner when playing with toys. The silky smooth feel, not to mention better shape and design, put We-Vibe back on the map for being the newest, hottest, and spiciest way to fill up your date night out – with an even better date night in.

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